Monday, March 4, 2013


Compares to not communicating at all, i sincerely think it is ruder when you talk to a person but not listening  to what he/she has to say.

Me : Hey i was dancing for this charity event and have been training so hard for it. I felt like we're really making a difference for the society.

Friend : Oh that's great! I was doing this and that for the weekend...bla bla bla...bla bla what is it all about on the dance thingy that you spent time on? It must be fun being you so happening all the while!

Me : *Note to self : never engage in a serious conversation with this person again*

It does not necessary has to be a serious topic it can goes down to as little thing as repeating the question after someone had answered it previously. It obviously shows that you're not engaging at all into the conversation you're having. Can it be any ruder and inconsiderate? 

I know how i feel:


Beautiful come back of a procrastinator

Hey check out the date of the last post in this blog - MONDAY, MAY 28, 2012.


Ok me. Yes me. Hi i am sam i am a procrastinator.

Part of the many reasons why this blog has been deserted is because i started to write diary again. (Besides being lazy i've admitted that leave me alone!) You know actual writing on real paper that you can hold in your hands. I must admit writing on a blog is way easier because you can press delete button and redo whatever and post pics with just few clicks etc. However i find it too often that my thoughts here are constrained due to concerns of the readers. This is where diary comes in i can write all those "if i tell you i'll have to kill you" secrets in it.

Check out not the basket, not the brown sugar but my red divine diary.

The small checkerbox my favorite kind of paper to write/doodle in. 

Bought some really cute stickers but decided it's NOT MY STYLE after all. Never. WAY TOO CUTE FOR SAM! What is sam's style? Pages and pages of never-ending writing wth.  
(Cute doggie but i'm totally grossed out.)

So now you know how my diary looks like.

Having no time for myself too kills the blog indirectly. Sunday and Monday is the only free time i have in a week. (no training, no jazz class, not kids class, no contemporary class, not aerobics) Add up to that i have a boyfie - who puts up with my crazy schedule so in return i accompany him whenever the free time is. Boyfie works a funny shift it started from 3 noon till 12 midnight so dinner is all we have time for each other on weekdays. Weekends are usually ok if i'm not already exhausted from weekdays activities and those scheduled on saturday. So often weekend is the killer. I swear for a couple of times all i want to do on sunday is to do NOTHING at all. But BUT all these are just ensues of the life i had chosen to live, in conclusion - MY BLOG DIED FOR A GOOD CAUSE wth ahahahahahahha.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Cleaning event!

I'm assigned to work on a rather special shift this week because Robert, a colleague from US took a week off for memorial day. I will be working from 3pm to 12am and oncall for the rest of the night. Despite the awkward hours and growing phobia over cellphones, i get to work from home! Sweet deal mother nature~

Kicked off the first oncall night yesterday with some minor work issues over the beginning and cleaning for the rest of the night! Lolz. Well i thought since i'll be spending most of the time at home better make it comfortable for myself. It started off with the work desk, which i rarely use firstly because my brother's old printer was on it and then it is adjacent to my bed so there's practically no space for a chair. Took me good few rounds of wiping before the dirt came off and revealed it's original color, white. Lolz.

Then i saw mum had clean up a wardrobe just so i can finally have space for my clothes!!! I have been wanting a wardrobe so badly because my clothes are always on the floor and it gives me itches since i'm allergic to dusts. Thus the arranging begins and finally decided to donate over half of my clothes to the charity. Now everything(almost) fits perfectly in the wooden wardrobe. *dancing* ^^

When i'm finally done with the bed sheets and wiping the floor, it's approaching 5am. Quickly took a shower and hit the sack, in my fresh, clean room.

Sunday, May 27, 2012



Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mama's Day

Happy mother's day mum. Too bad there was no photo taken during the dinner, surprised how it never cross my mind for so many years of celebration to take family photo.

Thank you dear for taking the initiative to participate the dinner, i appreciate that.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

A story a day

I felt the urgency to write things down when i was participating in a conversation during my college mate's wedding, and not remembering a trip we made to Kerachut a few years ago. Memory has played me good. I wouldn't want to get old but not have the memories of the years i've spent on earth.

So here it goes.

Have finally picked up a book a few days ago. I love how the weight of the book felt on my hand. Guess i have been giving too much excuses to not read for the longest time in my life.It impacts me profoundly the way i'd have never imagined. Guess this should be everyone's habit for a lifetime.
*By the way i'm reading Eat, Pray, Love at the moment.

There's a man in my life now who cares if my knee hurts from dance. A man who seemingly blur but understand  the importance of dance for me. Perhaps things are still a lil vague at this stage of the relationship but i am looking forward on the future we might share..

Life, is good at the moment.

Sunday, January 8, 2012


I've heard this word coming from different people in the last few weeks. Finally we're together they said. Lol why is it finally.
It got me thinking and...yeah, finally.
It's not easy to shake off the negative vibe from last two years to even start considering this possibility. I know it's not easy for him too, to brave himself in pursuing something that could lead to another disappointment. (Thank you, hugs.) A couple hints from myself plus a brave heart of him, yes FINALLY.

With this it doesn't mean the concrete wall i've build for the past two years collapses
Instead it become much solid and dependable
the wall is no longer the barrier between me and the outside world
It's now standing firmly behind me, providing.
He's my wall.